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Jump Start #3470

Jump Start # 3470

Acts 18:26 “and He made from one every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times, and the boundaries of their habitation.”

  In the autobiography of restoration preacher, J. H. Garrison, written in 1926, the author begins, “No man is permitted to choose the time or place of his birth, nor his parentage. These are provided by that gracious Providence that lies behind the mystery of personality and of all being. To have been born at all, and to have a distinct personality, and a place, however humble, in the marvelous drama of human life with all its mighty hopes and possibilities has always seemed to me a boon for which I could not be sufficiently thankful” (Memories and Experiences, pg 15). Garrison was born in Missouri in 1842.

  Our time, our looks, our place, our parents and even our names are things that have been given to us. For some, this has been a wonderful blessing. You were raised by godly disciples who loved and obeyed the Lord. Certain things were already decided for you. You were kept safe and many moral decisions were made for you. What a blessing that has been. What an advantage you had.

 Others were not this blessed. They had to overcome dysfunctional parents, denominational error and learn quickly how to make the best decisions for themselves. It has been a struggle and a long journey for them.

Here are some lessons for us :

  First, we can fail to see what a blessing it is having a mother and grandmother as believers as Timothy had. The fog of error and the confusion of what is right is something that we have not had to experience. Some fight this background and want nothing to do with it. Knowing the Lord at a young age can be a great benefit. It can keep us out of much trouble and begin a long and beautiful walk with the Lord.

  Second, God knew what He was doing when He put us in this time period. God knows what you are capable of and what you can do. He knows the tools of our times and the opportunities that are presented to us. You can do God’s will today, because the Lord chose that you you would live in this time.

  Third, every generation faces unique challenges and wonderful opportunities. We can get discouraged because things are not as they once were, but here we are and here is where we must work for the Lord.

  Can you imagine what it would have been like if the Lord allowed us to pick and choose when we would live? Through Jesus, many of us have become dear friends. We have worshipped and worked together. Had we not lived now and here, that would not have been possible.

  Someday we will be with those of all generations. Have you ever thought about how we are going to communicate in Heaven when most of us only know English. What if we are put beside an Egyptian from long ago? Or, even someone of our times, but not of our language? How will we fellowship when we are unable to communicate? Great problem that would be for us, but it’s not for God. The Lord will take care of this. He always does. 

The blessings of birth and these times…something to think about.