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Jump Start # 3479

Jump Start # 3479

Philippians 4:14 “Nevertheless, you have done well to share with me in my affliction.”

  There are a variety of words that come from our word ‘fellowship.’ Partner is one. Participation is another. From our verse today, “share” or sharing is another. It is a joint effort that is found within fellowship. Paul preached and the Philippians took care of Paul. And, that beautiful exchange continues on even down to our times.

  Recently, our congregation began supporting a few preachers from Zimbabwe, Africa. And, in an effort to get everyone excited and on board with this new project, cards and letters were collected that were sent to these preachers. Several of our in-house class books were also sent to the preachers. This additional step is so important to both the Paul receiving and the Philippians giving. Often, a support letter is posted on a bulletin board in some hallway and few read it. Most don’t know much about who they are helping to support.

  Earlier this year, another preacher that we share with, from Italy, made a video interview with a couple of our shepherds. We played that video before the congregation one evening. A face, a voice and some helpful insights were shared before all.

  Keeping a congregation informed, connected and sharing with those we partner with in the preaching of the Gospel is valuable. Putting names in prayers of those you support is yet another way to keep the congregation connected and informed.

  Sharing in the Gospel is a wonderful thing you can do. Here are a few suggestions:

First, most congregations have a junk room that is filled with old Bibles, song books, class books. Rather than taking them to a dump, see if someone overseas could use those things. Our junk may well be their treasure.

Second, so many preachers overseas can be reached through email and Facebook. Begin a personal connection by contacting these men. Get to know them. Pray for them. If opportunity allows you to travel to those areas, be sure and visit with them.

  For many overseas, the work is hard and lonely. We have an abundance of congregations in this country. They do not. We have so many tools to learn and grow. They are limited in what they have available. Words from someone far away, letting them know that they are not forgotten and that, in fact, they are appreciated means so much.

  Many of the preachers overseas have family with children. Get your children to draw pictures and write to the children of these disciples in other congregations. Good things can come from that.

  The kingdom is large. It’s greater than any one congregation. It’s everywhere in the world. Helping those who are pushing the borders of the kingdom is something we all can do.

  Sharing in the work of the Gospel is an important aspect our work and walk with the Lord.