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Jump Start #3480

Jump Start # 3480

Psalms 31:21 “Blessed be the Lord, for He has made marvelous His lovingkindness to me in a besieged city.”

Note: With Monday being a holiday, there will not be a Jump Start posted. We look forward to starting the New Year with you on Tuesday, Lord willing.

  We have come to our final Jump Start for this year. We have produced 244 articles this year. We presented a new booklet on the story of Jimi, the prisoner who became a Christian before he was executed.

  How has this year been for you? Was it a good year? Was it a tough year? There are many markers that we use to determine those things. The birth of a baby brings joy and happiness to a family. The death of a loved one brings tears and sorry to our hearts. And, for most of us, this year, like most years, is a series of ups and downs, highs and lows. We had a new grandbaby born this year. We had some tough waters to navigate through as a church this year. Some began a marriage this year. Others ended a marriage. There has been vacations and visits to the doctor and even the hospital. Some began their walk with the Lord this year. Others, finished the race this year. Tears and smiles. Rejoicing and deep prayers. Precious memories and scary moments. What a year it has been. And, as we stand on the shoreline and look into what’s ahead, we wonder, will this next year be any better, or will it be worse?

  Here are some thoughts for you to consider:

  First, God is amazing. So many prayers offered to Him. So much comfort and guidance through His word. The darkness just doesn’t seem so dark with the Lord nearby. God’s patience with us is indescribable. He simply never gives up on us. And, as we march through a year, making turns and twists, God has been there. He has helped us so much.

  Second, God’s people are incredible. You can count on them. So many prayers. So much concern. Where would we be without the fellowship, encouragement and help from the people of God. There are times we fuss at one another. There are times we bump and annoy each other. But, just like our families, we wouldn’t do without these people for anything.

 Third, faith makes all the difference. I have sat in a waiting room while a child of mine was having a major operation this year. Prayers were flowing constantly. On another day, I sat in another hospital waiting room, as another child was bringing a baby into the world. I’ve faced some unkind words spoken about me this year. I’ve seen shepherds opening their hearts to learning more about leadership in God’s kingdom. I’ve heard some remarkable sermons this year coming from passionate hearts that love the Lord. And, through it all, faith in Jesus has not only gotten us through, but it has made it possible for us to stand triumphantly.

  Think about what you have been able to do this year:

· You were able to help support the kingdom of God and see it grow

· You were able to lift the names of others to Heaven

· You were able to open God’s divine word and learn more about our Savior

· You were able to encourage the people of God

· You were able to let your light shine before those who do not know the Lord

· You were able to sing praises to our amazing Lord

· You were able to remember the wonderful sacrifice of Jesus multiple times this year

· You were able to attend worship services with the saints of God. What an honor that is.

· You were able to attend Bible classes and dig deeply into God’s word

· You were able to walk yet another year with your Savior

  What will this next year bring? What ever comes, we know through faith, God will help us.

  God bless each of our readers. Many of you have been with us for a long, long time. So many of you send me emails and I appreciate that. Many of you are passing these Jump Starts on to other people. That has built a readership larger than I ever dreamed. I am thankful for the ability, opportunity and tools that God has blessed me with to be able to share these thoughts with you. The fact that anyone is interested in what I think about amazes me.

  I am blessed to be part of a great congregation that has the vision to reach others through this medium. May we honor our dear Lord and continue on strongly until He calls us home.

  I am thankful to Him and I am thankful for you.

  May you be a blessing to others this coming year.