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Matthew 6:34 “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

  Our verse today, coming from the Lord’s grand sermon on the mount, ends a section about worry. Five times the Lord tells His followers not to worry. Worry doesn’t accomplish anything positive. Worry gets our heart and feelings all tied up in knots. We lose sleep and can’t eat, because we are worried. Worry stops progress and freezes us in our tracks. ‘Worried to death,’ while likely not a technical medical condition, is certainly something very real.

 In our verse, Jesus identifies one of the great causes of worry, the unknown. That’s what tomorrow is. It is unknown. What will happen tomorrow? What kind of day will tomorrow bring? And, while we are waiting for the unknown, our minds play tricks on us. We tend to think the worse. A school test, the results could determine if you qualify for a scholarship, get on the honor roll or can be accepted into a program. A lot lies on that test. We study. We do our best. And, then we must wait. And, wait. And, wait. And, while we are waiting, our minds become worried.

  Or, for others, it’s a medical test. Positive or negative. Will I have to have surgery or not? Do I have cancer or not? The blood tests were taken. Scans were made. And, now one waits. And, they wait. And, they wait. And, while you are waiting, your mind becomes worried.

  Or, you have applied for a new job. You have filled out the forms. You’ve had an interview. More applicants are going to be looked at. A promise, ‘We’ll back with you,’ is given. And, you wait. And, wait. And, wait. And, while waiting, you mind becomes worried.

  We want the answers today. But, we must wait until tomorrow. Wait and wait and wait. And, while we wait, we worry. What if the answers are not good? What if it’s the worst possible news? And, with each negative thought, the worry builds in our minds.

  Here are some thoughts for us:

  First, while worrying about tomorrow, we mess up today. We lose power, progress and even focus. We become so concerned about tomorrow that we don’t see today. We miss opportunities. Opportunities to shine our light. Opportunities to encourage. Opportunities to grow. We try to live out tomorrow, but we can’t, because it’s tomorrow.

  Second, Jesus reminds us that tomorrow will take care of itself. By tomorrow, things may change. By tomorrow, I may feel and see things differently. By tomorrow, what I was worried about, I didn’t need to worry about.

  Tucked in these verses are two thoughts that we know and our expressed throughout the Scriptures. First, is faith. Trust God. Has God ever let you down? Has God ever not been there for you? Why should things be different this time? The greater your faith, the less you will fear and worry. Faith and worry are not good roommates. One will kick the other out. The greater the worry, the less the faith. The greater the faith, the less the worry. Second, although not stated here, but what we know, is pray. Worry is doing nothing. Worry is trying to carry your burdens yourself. Worry looks to the problem and that’s all it sees. Faith leads us to God. Pray about what bothers you. Pray that the Lord will help you. Pray and then let the Lord take it over. Pray that your eyes can see what the Lord wants you to see. Peter says to cast all your anxiety upon God because He cares for you.

  Tomorrow will take care of itself, because today you have prayed about it. Today, you have turned it over to the Lord. Today, you are trusting the Lord.

  Third, each day has enough to keep us busy. Each day has enough trouble, Jesus says. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a person complain, “There’s just not enough problems today.” Or, “I wish more things would go wrong today.” Nope. Never heard that before. Today’s troubles—weather, traffic, temptation, family, health, finances, co-workers, demands at work, things breaking at home, wars, elections, politics, economy, crime, bills, obligations, commitments, to do lists, tired, bored, angry, busy—and on and on the list grows for today. Today has enough trouble. Today you’ll need all your faith, prayers and energy to get through. Today is where you live. Tomorrow may not happen.

  Today and Tomorrow. Keeping those two straight is essential. And, when we do it right, we’ll have less worry in our hearts. Our Lord knew. Now, if we will only know as well.