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Jump Start #3512

Jump Start # 3512

1 Corinthians 13:11 “When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things.”

  I am writing this on a brand new computer system in my office. I now have two screens. It’s amazing and it took three of us to get all the cords here and there, where they needed to go. I had to shift things around, even move some furniture around. Dan who helped so much in this process made sure that all my programs looked the same and that I was comfortable with the new set up. Every preacher needs a Dan in their life. But like anything new, there is a learning curve and getting used to a different feel. For me, it’s the keyboard. For years, I’ve been using the laptop keyboard but now I have a wireless, soft touch keyboard. It’s nice. I just need to type and type and type so I can get the right feel.

  Our verse today describing the transition from using and needing spiritual gifts to a mature place where only the written word of God would be necessary, is illustrated by the growing up of a child. I have a bunch of grandchildren, thirteen to be exact. The oldest is eleven and the youngest is less than a month old. When they are around, I hear a lot of talking and reasoning as a child. A lot of “knock-knock” jokes. It’s easy for grandparents to talk like the little ones. But if we did that all the time, someone would think we need to head to the “home.”

  There are those who do not understand the context our passage is found in. They think speaking in tongues would be a wonderful thing. It was necessary at a point in the past, but it’s not the mature state that we ought to be in.

  All of this got me thinking about getting used to new things:

  First, you and I have only known this world. It’s been our home as long as we have been alive. We may complain about the weather, but it’s all we are accustomed to. Spring, summer, fall and winter– that’s our world. Bugs. Green grass. Clouds in the sky. Eating. Sleeping. Getting older. That’s our world. That’s life. That’s all we have known.

  However, we are headed to a different place. And, it will be so unlike what we are used to. Heaven doesn’t have bugs, seasons, the need to eat, nor will we age. I wonder how long it will take for us to get used to that? I doubt that we’ll miss this place. I’m certain that none of us will wish we could go back.

  Second, there is an element within each congregation in which we must get used to new things. A new face in the pulpit, a new preacher. He will have his own style. He will have his own strengths. And, very likely, he will not be like the last preacher. And, as comfortable as you were with the last one, give the new guy a chance. Don’t compare the two. Don’t expect the new one to do things the way the old one did. Become his friend, and in time, you will grow very fond of the new preacher.

  New faces in the congregation comes with a learning curve for all of us. Get the names of all those kids straight. Invite them into your fellowship and your heart. They may be brand new Christians and they’ll need some patience as they learn things. Be kind. On the other hand, they may have moved from another congregation. They must understand that this is a different congregation and although Biblical, they do things differently than the last place. Don’t enter in with the mindset of trying to change everything.

  Third, there is getting used to seeing passages that we once always thought one way about, but now, we have learned, grown and these verses bring so much more understanding to us. For instance, the laborer that was hired at the eleventh hour from Jesus’ parable, has nothing to do with death bed repentance. Many have believed that for years. No one dies in that passage. The context tells us that the passage is about the generosity of God. You and I will be given the same as the apostles. Unbelievable.

  Old things…new things. Change is hard to get used to. When I walk in my office now, it takes me a moment, because things are moved around. It looks different. But in just a little while, it will be just the way I like it.

  Thanks, Dan. You’re the best.