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Psalms 118:24 “This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

  We were at an outdoor music festival recently. Groups from around the world were playing Beatles music. Some original singers from the 1960s were there. One singer, before he broke into the song, “Here comes the sun,” mentioned that every time they have performed that song outdoors, it rained. Thankfully, it didn’t this time. But as the song was being sung, I looked skyward and the clouds and sun were playing hide and seek. It was a beautiful sight.

  A thought came to my mind:

· How many prayers had the Lord answered that day? Prayers from around the globe. Prayers offered in different languages. Prayers because a sick family member was in the hospital. Prayers because a prodigal had not come home. Prayers for strength. Prayers for safety. Faraway places where war is tearing apart lives. Places in this country, where people are hungry and in fear. Prayers of the righteous. Prayers of those who are seeking. I think we would be astonished at how many prayers the Lord answers in day.

· How many blessings have come down from Heaven, just that day? The fact that the day came was a blessing. Food on the table. Babies born. Health. Freedom. Hope. Doors opened. So many little things that God is busy doing for us.

· Did God send any angels that day? Did angels come to carry a righteous soul to the Lord? Were angels sent to help God’s people? Were angels among us and we didn’t realize it? On this one day, how many angels departed Heaven to help the people of God? We’d be amazed if we knew.

  It is amazing what all our God can do, even in one day. And, just today, our Lord is busy doing things. Never taking a day off. Never observing a holiday. Worldwide, in places we will never see with our eyes, our Lord is doing things, because mankind is made in His image and He loves us.

  We might conclude that God is only involved with us, our congregation and our country. Don’t limit God like that. Don’t put God in a box like that. Our God is so big, the children sing in VBS. Believe that. Don’t think that we are God’s favorites. He loves all.

  Just today…what all our Lord has done for us. It is amazing. Now, we need to ask, what all have we done for the Lord today? Did we share His word with anyone? Did we live righteously for Him? Did we honor Him with our hearts? Have we made righteous choices?

  Just today…

  What a thought that is!