Jump Starts Daily

Jump Starts # 2987

Jump Start # 2987

Acts 20:7 “And on the first day of the week, when we were gathered together to break bread, Paul began talking to them, intending to depart the next day, and he prolonged his message until midnight.”

  By the end of this week, Christmas will be here. Moms and dads are hurrying to finish everything up. They are checking their list to see if there is anything that they have forgotten. For the little ones, the count down has begun. The tree is decorated. The Christmas shows have been watched. Cookies have been made. Presents magically have appeared under the tree. Boy, I sure remember those days. First, as a child, it seemed that the final days took forever. A lot of excitement. Then, as a parent, you wanted that Christmas morning to be so special to your child. Great memories.

  This week, our Jump Starts are going to focus upon that idea of “countdowns.” There are many in life that mean so much to us. I want to begin with one that is often taken for granted, Sunday morning. I love Sundays. I have always believed that Sunday is the best day of the week. For the preacher, it’s also deadline time. Sermon written. Powerpoint finished. Class studied. Although, in many ways, Sunday is a work day for the preacher, it’s still a day for him to worship. Saints gather. The Lord is remembered. Fellowship is enjoyed.

  You and I get to enjoy this blessing every week. We can take that for granted. Another Sunday. Another worship. Another song. Another prayer. Another sermon. Yes, another. How special that is. There are people today who would love to get to do what you and I enjoy. There are millions and millions on the other side, through the door of death, who would love to come back one time to be able to honor the Lord and seek His merciful forgiveness.

  Count down to Sunday begins. How can I make Sunday special? How can I make every Sunday special? Here’s a few thoughts:

  First, do just that, make it special. Years ago, we had what we called our “church clothes.” They were worn to church and no where else, not even school. Special clothes went for a special day. Say a prayer on Saturday for Sunday. Get to bed early. Make decisions on Saturday that will make Sunday morning run smoothly. Figure out what you are going to wear. Find the shoes and Bibles. Get your contribution ready. Get the preparation done. Be thinking of Sunday, even on Saturday.

  Second, try sitting in a different place in the building. If you are one who tends to sit in the back, then sit in the middle or even up front. If you sit on the left side, then sit on the right side. It may shock some folks. Some might declare that you are in their seat, but you are not. There is no assigned seating. A change can bring a freshness to your worship.

  Third, bring a pen and take notes. You’ll remember better and learn more that way. Look at things in your own Bible. You’ll see words that you may want to underline in your Bible. Come to learn, which means, don’t drag in tired, sleepy, and running late. Half of worship may be completed before you are with it.

  Fourth, stick around and greet others. That is how fellowship begins. It is the interaction with others. It’s sharing, caring and connecting with others in Jesus. Put a smile on your face. Talk to those that you don’t often talk to. Spend some time with those of a different age.

  Finally, on your way home, keep the worship alive in your hearts. Talk about the songs, the prayers and the sermon. Don’t be a critic. Don’t focus upon the mistakes. Look at the good side of things. Be thankful that you can be part of a church family. Remember how blessed you are and how good the Lord has been to you.

  Countdown…Sunday is coming…