Daily Bible Reading Reflections

On Guard Against Being Undone

Today’s Bible reading is 2 Chronicles 22 and Mark 8.

Ahaziah was crowned king of Judah at twenty-two years old.

His mother’s name was Athaliah, the granddaughter of Omri. He also walked in the ways of the house of Ahab, for his mother was his counselor in doing wickedly. He did what was evil in the sight of the LORD, as the house of Ahab had done. For after the death of his father they were his counselors, to his undoing. (2 Chron 22:2-4)

A king of God’s people, “undone” by the influence of the people around him. 

We live in a noisy world full of “counselors” who are more than willing to tell you exactly what they think … and what you should think. All sorts of opinions, preferences, prejudices, and propaganda–mixed with a toxic swirl of unrighteousness and ungodliness–will take every ounce of the attention you’re willing to yield this week. As a disciple of Jesus, don’t allow these “counselors” to be your “undoing.”

Don’t let social media be the undoing of your love.

Don’t let the pessimist be the undoing of your joy.

Don’t let cable news be the undoing of your peace.

Don’t let traffic be the undoing of your patience.

Don’t let that one rude person be the undoing of your kindness.

Don’t let the ungratefulness of the few be the undoing of your goodness.

Don’t let the fool with a YouTube channel be the undoing of your faithfulness.

Don’t let the angry commenter who just likes to stir the pot be the undoing of your gentleness.

Don’t let that person who has given into temptation, now inviting you to follow, be the undoing of your self-control.

You can only yield so much attention before access to your heart is granted. Listen with discernment. Weigh what you’re hearing with divine wisdom. Seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness. Set your mind on things above. Tune out the vain noise. Be serious about guarding your heart.

Our spirits were rightly lifted in worship yesterday. Don’t allow anyone or anything to “undo” what matters most this week.