Daily Bible Reading Reflections

Overtaken By Blessings

“What does God want from me?” That’s one of the biggest, most important questions any of us could ever ask. “What’s he looking for? As the Provider of my time, my health, my daily resources and blessings, how can I live this week in a way that makes him proud? What does my Creator want me to be?”

Deuteronomy 28 contains three answers to those really big questions. Moses is giving his final instructions and reminders to the children of Israel, but the principles preserved for our learning are priceless and just as relevant as ever.

God wants me to fear his glorious and awesome name (28:58). He is the LORD. Yahweh. I AM. He has always been. He is Almighty. Divine. Holy. All-present. Eternally powerful. Infinitely wise. He’s God, I’m not. Therefore, I ought to respect and honor his glorious, awesome name. But what will that look like?

God wants me to faithfully obey his voice, being careful to do what he says (28:1). As high as the heavens are above the earth, his ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts higher than our thoughts. His laws are perfect, reviving our souls. His testimonies are sure, making us wise. His precepts are right, causing our hearts to rejoice. His commandments are pure, enlightening our eyes. His rules are true and righteous altogether. He wants me to trust him. Obey him. Why?

Because this–fearing and obeying him–is the path to “joyfulness and gladness of heart” (28:47). My Creator wants the best for me, and what is the best? The path of life. He’s made it known and he expects me to follow it. What’s the best? Fullness of joy in his presence. Pleasures forevermore at his right hand. Joyfulness. Gladness of heart. Abundant life. He’s making it all known and asking me to trust him.

“And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, if you obey the voice of the LORD your God.” (Deut 28:2)

Overtaken. Take a moment to think about that potent, powerful word. God wants you to be “overtaken.” Not by sin or selfishness. Not by evil or heartache. Overtaken by blessings. “If…” The choice is ours. Mine. Yours. Today.

Honor him. Obey him. Serve him with joyfulness and gladness of heart. Trust that he knows better and provides the best.

That’s what our Creator wants from us.