Daily Bible Reading Reflections

The God of Psalm 59 Who Hears Your Prayers

Today’s Bible reading is Psalm 59, a psalm written by David “when Saul sent men to watch his house in order to kill him.” In what had to have been a terrifying time in his life, it’s worth noting how David describes the One to whom he is praying:

  • LORD God of hosts (59:5)
  • My Strength (59:9)
  • My fortress (59:9)
  • Our shield (59:11)
  • The God who shows me steadfast love (59:17)

This is the God who hears your prayers today.

  • The all-present God of angel armies
  • The God who cannot be defeated
  • The God of refuge for the soul
  • The God who shields his people beneath his own wings
  • The God who loves to such a degree that he would send his own Son to make it all possible

What a blessing and privilege to confidently address the God of Psalm 59 in prayer today!

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