The Mark of the Master

by Adam Faughn

Excitement stirred the art world a few days ago with a discovery on a statue. The small wax figure, carved more than 500 years ago by the Renaissance artist Michelangelo, isn’t one of his more famous works. But a previously unnoticed mark was found—a thumbprint, believed to be the print of the master artist himself, preserved for more than five centuries.

No matter how “important” a work of art that little
statue has been considered in the past, if this discovery turns out to actually be Michelangelo’s thumbprint, what a tremendous find! To have that mark—the mark of the master—would make that little wax statue nothing short of incredible.

But think about one other aspect of this story. The thumbprint went undiscovered and unappreciated for more than 500 years! Is there not a powerful parallel to something of great importance in our own lives?

When God created humankind, He placed His “mark” on us. We are made in His image (Gen 1:26-27). And yet, how often do we fail to recognize this glorious “mark” in our fellow image-bearers and even ourselves, thinking we aren’t anything of any great value? We bear the mark of the Master!

Whether you recognize it or not, you have an everlasting soul. You will live forever, either in heaven or hell. You are loved to the point of the Creator sending His own Son as a sacrifice for your sins. Physical death is not your end. Your spirit will eventually return to the God who gave it. You and every single person you interact with this week bear the mark of the Master. Don’t take that incredible fact for granted!