Daily Bible Reading Reflections

What Sort of People Ought We To Be?

Today’s Bible reading is Numbers 29 and 2 Peter 3.

2 Peter 3 poses a powerful question: in light of the promised return of Jesus, what sort of people ought we to be?

The answer isn’t hard to find.

  • Holy: claimed by God, distinct from the world
  • Godly: becoming more like Jesus every day
  • Waiting: confidently expecting his return
  • Hastening: anxiously anticipating the fulfillment of his promises
  • Diligent: faithfully serving as his disciple
  • Without spot: taking the cost and responsibility of my forgiveness seriously
  • At peace: with my Creator, other people, and myself
  • Growing: progressing in the grace and knowledge of my Savior
  • Glorifying: in harmony with the will of God for his creation

“What sort of people ought we to be?” Thanks to 2 Peter 3, the answer isn’t hard to find.

You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, take care… (2 Pet 3:17)

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