Daily Bible Reading Reflections

“Who is Master Over Us?”

Today’s Bible reading is Psalm 12.

“Who is master over us?” The testimony of the Bible is plain: the One who created and sustains us is our master. When we carelessly forget, willfully ignore, or arrogantly reject God, life does not improve.

Consider the brief testimony of Psalm 12. The wicked prowl. Vileness is exalted. Lies are told. Double hearts fuel flattering lips. The poor are plundered. The needy groan. What is the root of this sad state of affairs? It can all be traced back to this: “Who is master over us?” (Psa 12:4). When we forget, ignore, or defy the answer to that fundamental question, life does not improve. Relationships suffer. Strangers suffer. We suffer.

But if we turn the ugliness documented in Psalm 12 on its head, we find life the way it was meant to be. Do justice. Love kindness. Walk humbly with your God. Why? He is the master. Let’s remember that today. Let’s live like that today.

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