Daily Bible Reading Reflections

11 Action-Words From Psalm 119 to Shape and Fuel Your Week

Today’s Bible reading is Psalm 119:1-24.

Mondays for most of us are full of action-words: plan, pickup, meet, evaluate, execute. You get the idea.

Could I suggest a few more action-words for your week? They are all over the first 24 verses of Psalm 119.

Behold: “Open my eyes, that I may BEHOLD wondrous things.” What a great thing to pray in a world full of frivolous distractions.

Learn: I will LEARN God’s righteous rules. God’s way is the right way, all the time. We need to be life-long learners.

Walk: Blessed are those who are determined to WALK today in the ways they studied yesterday. But how? This world can be a tough place. How can we walk the walk?

Fix: I will FIX my eyes on God’s ways.

Store up: I will STORE UP his word in my heart.

Meditate: I will MEDITATE on his precepts.

Guard: I will GUARD my path according to his word…

Keep: …that I might KEEP my way pure.

Delight: The more I learn and meditate and keep, the more I DELIGHT in God’s testimonies.

Praise: I will PRAISE him with an upright heart…

Live: …that I might LIVE as his faithful servant.

Mondays are full of demands for most of us. By all means, be the good student or employee or parent who plans and picks up and meets and evaluates and executes. But realize that some action-words are weightier. Some action-words echo all the way into eternity. These are the action-words that ought to shape and fuel our week.

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