Daily Bible Reading Reflections

2 Timothy 4: God’s Pharmacy for Your Soul

Today’s Bible reading is 2 Timothy 4.

Take a moment to meditate on verse 2 where Paul charges young Timothy:

Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.

God’s word has the power to reprove us. To “reprove” is to convict or expose the truth about something. We all, at times, need to be reminded of who God is and of our place in his created world.

God’s word has the power to rebuke us. To “rebuke” is to correct or bring back into order. When we step out of bounds, our Creator is willing and able to call attention to our wandering and bring us back in line with his expressed will.

God’s word has the power to exhort us. To “exhort” is to encourage and comfort. Sometimes we need reassurance and a breath of fresh air for our spirits, especially when we’ve messed up and are seeking to renew our walk with God.

Do you see the beautiful power of God’s word as revealed in that verse? God tells us the truth, shining a light in our hearts in order that we might know how life is supposed to be. If something isn’t right in our hearts, he draws attention to that problem and shows us how to make the necessary correction. And what grace, comfort, and encouragement is available to the son or daughter of God who makes a renewed effort to walk step in step with Jesus!

God’s word is like a fully stocked, divinely-equipped pharmacy for our souls. Let’s determine now to open our hearts to him throughout the week.

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