A brand new approach to Bible study for the entire family.

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  • Weekly email explains big-picture goals for parents
  • One weekend class video (10-15 minutes) for the whole family
  • 5 suggested Bible readings for the week that correspond with the monthly theme (all written and referenced material from the ESV)
  • Basic questions for family discussion & children’s activity downloads
  • Supplemental videos just for kids with simple lesson summaries and lots of singing

BUILDING BLOCKS: A brand new approach to Bible study for the entire family. Don’t forget to sign up using the form above. Let’s start building together!


  • Is Building Blocks only for families with children at home? No, the studies will have something for people of all ages and levels of spiritual maturity.
  • Can I participate in Roger’s Nehemiah class and Building Blocks? Of course, that’s no problem at all.
  • I’m not a member at Charlestown Road. Can I still sign up? Yes, while the program is built for our church family, we’re more than happy to share the content with you.