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Jump Start # 2056

Jump Start # 2056

Psalms 12:1 “ Help, Lord, for the godly man ceases to be, for the faithful disappear from among the sons of men.”

The first few Psalms, found in what is labeled Book one, contains many of David’s pleas for help. The enemy seem to be everywhere. He often feels as if God is far way. The problems are great and God seems out of reach.

In our passage today, David feels alone. The godly are gone. The faithful are no where to be found. He calls for help from God. Alone is a terrible feeling. When alone, our problems are often worse in our minds than what they really are. Alone, we get discouraged and even desperate. Elijah felt this way while hiding in a cave from Jezebel’s hitmen.

Today, even in a large congregation, there are those that feel alone. They smile when they come in to the church building. They’ll chit chat with a few, but once they leave, there is very little contact with other Christians. They have neighbors. They have family. But they don’t have that godly connection until the next Sunday. This doesn’t seem to be limited to any specific age factor. I’ve seen young single people this way. I’ve seen young families this way. I’ve seen older Christians this way. Unlike David’s plea in our verse, there are godly ones around, they just haven’t made a connection with them. They don’t know how or what to do. So often, others have no idea. They would invite and include but they are simply overlooked.

A few thoughts:

First, we all need other Christians in our lives. God did not design us to fly solo. The church is a fellowship and a family of believers. We need each other. It is from each other that we gain encouragement and strength. It is listening to one another that we form the right decisions. We are to pray for one another. We are to confess sins to one another. There are very few things that we face that is completely unique. There is usually someone that has gone through things very similar. That pulls us together and helps. The other day, it was announced that one of the men in our congregation had cancer. It was found early. Before services were over, several men had come to him with their own stories. They had the same cancer. They had been treated and survived. He never knew that. He felt so confident hearing those stories. The apostle Paul was refreshed by the presence of Titus. We all need this.

Second, through each other, we pray and seek Heaven’s help. This is one way that we carry one another’s burdens. Troubles with teens, job woes, aging parents, health issues, those are things most of us have walked through. Knowing that your name is being lifted Heavenward is such an encouragement. It’s more than just a feeling, it’s knowing that God has been asked by others to help you. It shows what they think of you. They are seeking the best help, God’s help. You miss that when you are not connected with others.

Third, it is alone when we are most vulnerable and weak. You’ve seen the shows filmed in Africa with the lion watching the antelope. He doesn’t run and jump on the whole herd. He watches and waits. He’s patient. He looks for that one antelope that isn’t paying attention. The herd moves and he hasn’t. He is now alone. That’s who the lion has his eyes on. The lone antelope. In an instant the lion springs. Dust fills the air. Then is that gruesome scene with the antelope’s legs in the air and the lion is having his lunch. Alone. Isolated. This is when worry grows the strongest. This is when doubts arise. This is when negative thoughts are launched. Our problems seem the greatest when we are alone. We think, ‘there is no one who cares,’ when we are alone. Being alone is a time when Satan will appear the most in your life.

Fourth, we don’t have to be alone. That’s the sad thing about all of this. For David, there actually may have been just a few, but not for us today. We live in a land that is full of Christians. Social media makes it easy to connect with others. Fill your time and your days with other Christians. Don’t sit at home and wait for others to call you. Take the first steps. Here are some simple reminders:

– Get down to the church house early on Sundays and then stick around some after services. Last in and first to go and you’ll certainly feel all alone. You are not giving anyone a chance to get to know you.
– Accept invitations. There are people who would love to have you over or go out to eat with you. But if you always turn them down, in time they will stop asking. It’s not their fault, you never seem interested in being with them. “What will we talk about?” Life. Family. Things that interest you. Things that interests them. Don’t be a bump on a log. Don’t be long faced and down about everything. Don’t use the time to trash talk what is good and right.
– Don’t hesitate asking for help. I do that all the time. Need something or need an extra hand, call someone from church. Most often they’ll come and they’ll be happy to help out. Don’t abuse this nor don’t take advantage of others and by all means, if you are asked to help out, you go. It’s a two way street. It’ll draw you closer to others and make you feel like you’re doing something worth while.
– Make it a point to get to know the shepherds and the preachers in the church. They are serving the Lord and trying to help you. The closer you can get to these men the more they can help you. Ask them out for lunch. Have them in your homes. Listen to their stories about how they became who they are. Be impressed. Be thankful for such good servants. They are there if you will but open your heart to them.

No one ought to feel alone. Sometimes a few fall through the cracks as we say. That shouldn’t happen. Do what you can to fill your life with great Christians. Look beyond your congregation to others. There are great men and women all over this planet that love the Lord and will love you, if you let them.

Finally, we sometimes suffer alone because we do not let others know. We are too embarrassed. We make up their minds for them. We tell ourselves that no one would invite us. We tell ourselves that others wouldn’t like us. So, we sit alone on the inside, missing great opportunities to serve and be encouraged by others. I’ve known folks who were in and out of the hospital and felt bitter because no one came to see them. The truth is, no one knew they were in the hospital. They never let it be known. If we want to be with others, then build your side of the bridge. Others, will build their side and you will be able to meet together. But don’t expect folks to know what they don’t know.

Fellowship—it means togetherness. It means you and me. It’s us doing things together. There is no reason to be alone, when there is a fellowship.


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