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Jump Start # 2090

Jump Start # 2090

Proverbs 5:6 “She does not ponder the path of life; her ways are unstable, she does not know it.”


The first section of Proverbs are a dad’s advice to his son. Serious words that would save much pain, heartache and trouble, if only they were listened to and followed. If life allows a person to live long enough, most of us get to stand in both shoes, the child being advised by the parent and the then the parent telling the child.


When we are the child, the son, as in this chapter, we think we know. The words of the parent seem too much. What do they know, we think. We listen because we have to. But many of us didn’t listen long and many of us fell into the very trouble that dear ole’ dad was trying to prevent. Years later, as a parent, we use the same words as our parents did to us. We warn our children about the dangers lurking “out there.” It is our prayer that our children will only listen and pay attention. Deep inside, most of us hope that they do a better job of listening than what we did.


From chapter five through chapter seven, the warnings are about the adulterous woman. She’s dangerous. She’ll cost you your soul. The naïve child looks only at the beauty and listens to the sweet words that she utters and never sees the dangers that can destroy his soul.


  • She is as bitter as wormwood in the end (4)
  • Her feet lead to death (5)


Our verse today is what follows. She does not ponder the path of life. She gives no thought to the consequences of her choices. She is unstable and likely to fall any direction. She doesn’t even realize this. She does not ponder the path of life, is a grand statement. It’s in contrast to this man’s son who is thinking about life. He wants to walk with the Lord. He ponders or considers his choices. He thinks about what decisions will do to him. He weighs out in his mind whether or not such things will make him stronger or weaker.


Most of society are following the ways of this loose woman. They are not giving thought, they are not pondering life. They might say anything, even if it is mean or hurtful or even untrue. They are likely to do things without much thought. The moment grabs them. They live for now. They don’t think about tomorrow. They don’t think about down the road. Could this be one reason why so many college students flunk out every year? They are partying every night of the week, giving no thought to studying, tests or classes in the morning. It’s the moment that excites them. It’s the moment that they live for. Their shallow thinking and empty planning catches up with them. Not prepared for tests, they flunk.


And, many never learn. They get jobs and they continue to live for the moment. Staying up all hours, they become useless at work the next day. They are unable to function because of the headaches they have or the sheer exhaustion from being up too many nights in a roll. They don’t ponder.


Others, are caught in this trap by refusing to ponder what life will look like when they are no longer working. They have lived paycheck to paycheck for decades. They’ve saved nothing. They’ve made no plans for the future. And, one day, they are too old or too sick to work. Now, they are in trouble. They have nothing. They never pondered life.


But our passage is really driving at the spiritual side of things. Pondering life involves giving serious thought to eternity. Pondering life means giving thought to what happens when we die. Pondering life looks beyond the shiny trinklets that Satan dangles before us each day. It looks to our relationship with the Lord. Pondering life is about investing in God and living for God. It is Christ living in us.


Pondering—thinking…considering…dwelling upon…focusing on…meditating. These are the ideas behind pondering. It’s more than living with a purpose, it’s the desire to leave this place better than you found it. It’s helping your family and the congregation become stronger in the Lord. It’s leaving a legacy and footprints that lead to the cross.


She did not ponder her path…she didn’t think about how her actions were hurting others. She didn’t think about her choices were going to come to a dead end road. She didn’t think about how helpless and hopeless she was. She just didn’t think about it.


Ponder the path you are on. Is the path you are on leading to a strong marriage? Is the path you are on leading to a godly family? Is the path you are on pleasing the Lord? Your path is taking you someone where. Do you know where? She didn’t. She gave it no thought. And, one day she’d be in a lot of trouble and have no idea how she got there. Those that ponder do. They see very clearly where she’s headed. This is why the father is telling his son these things. You ponder your path. You see if your path ought to include her. It won’t if you are trying to please the Lord. It won’t if you want to go to Heaven.


No one finds Heaven by accident. It’s not like ancient mariners who accidently discovered new lands. We won’t be doing that. Heaven is designed for those who have pondered their path. They know right where they are going. Every word, every thought, every action—calculated and weighed in the balances of Heaven.


Know where the road you are on takes you before you get too far down the road.




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