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Jump Start # 2298

Jump Start # 2298

Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not be anxious for tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

One of the hymns we sing beings with the words, “Troublesome times are here, filling men’s heart with fear…”. Our Lord’s words are reminders against worry. He says, “do not be anxious.” Multiple times in this setting that He has repeated those words.

First, do not be anxious for your life (25). The Lord included here food, clothing and shelter.

Second, do not be anxious for your clothing (28).

Third, do not be anxious then (31). Don’t say, What shall we eat, what shall we drink, or what shall we wear?

Fourth, does being anxious change anything (27)?

Fifth, our verse, do not be anxious about tomorrow.

Don’t be anxious! God will take care of you. God is aware of what you need. To simple poor people, which was the bulk of the Lord’s listening audience, these worries were very real. You and I stand with the frig open trying to decide what looks good to eat and the people who first heard these words, were trying to find anything to eat day by day. We have choices.

But with pantries full of food, cars in our garage, 401’s growing monthly, closets stuffed, we still worry. And, all of these years later, worry still doesn’t accomplish anything. It chips away at our belief in God being able to do anything. It keeps us up at night. It fills our days. It ruins our health. And, as smart and efficient as we are these days, worry still doesn’t do us any good. Worry makes the dog seem bigger than what he is. Worry sees the problem and hides God. The things people have worried about through the years changes, but the fact remains we still worry. Polio was once a dreaded disease. Most don’t give it any thought these days. Those worries have passed. Mothers sent their sons off to foreign fields of war. There was much worry then. Those wars have ended. When the stock market tanked, people worried. It has since rallied and those worries are gone. Yet, we still find things to worry about.

Our verse tells us why we should not worry about tomorrow. The Lord says, “tomorrow will take care of itself. Each day has enough trouble of it’s own.” We don’t need to borrow tomorrow’s worry. We need to get through today. There are two prevailing thoughts here that we need to consider.

First, each day has enough trouble of it’s own. Troublesome times. Trouble with temptation. Trouble with things not going right. Trouble with people. Trouble with health. Trouble with bad weather, broken promises, and demands of life. There is much to get done today. My list is full. There are some days that I need more than 24 hours. You can’t bank some hours for another day. You can’t save them for a rainy day. Like vacation time, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Such it is with each day.

Now, for the guy who is not motivated, organized, or, efficient, he will add to his own troubles each day. The guy who has a lazy bone, or is easily distracted and can’t stay focused on the present needs, he’ll find more trouble each day. We waste time. We do that by watching too much TV. We do that by looking for things that we can’t find. We do that by not having our order in order.

There’s going to be trouble today. There’s going to be enough trouble for us today. We won’t end this day by thinking, “I sure wish more things went wrong today.” There always is enough. Someone will be late and that messes up the schedule of things. Something won’t work and that puts you behind. You didn’t count on the delay in traffic. You forgot something at the store the other day and you must pick it up today. And, off we go in a hurry, frantic pace, trying to get everything done that needs to be done.

And out there, always lurking somewhere close is Satan. He has lies for you to believe today. He has cheap imitations for you to trade your faith for today. He has things to discourage you today. He has things that will test and try your faith today. And, if today already didn’t have enough trouble, there is Satan. He’s always there.

Second, tomorrow will take care of itself. That’s a tough one for many of us. We want to put our fingers into tomorrow and start working there. Can’t do that. You can only operate in the present. You can make plans for tomorrow. You can get things ready for tomorrow. But you can only function in the present. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Tomorrow, you may spend the day in bed sick. Tomorrow, the Lord may come and none of this matters. Tomorrow, the Lord may call me home and none of this will matter. Get through today. Get through today by trusting the Lord. Get through today by doing good. Get through today by making a difference. Get through today by honoring the Lord.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow. That’s life. And, we sure have a way of mixing those three up. We can’t let go of the past. We try to live in the future and what we ought to be doing today, we don’t. And, on top of that, we sprinkle a heaping of worry, fear and guilt on top of those days and it’s no wonder that we look like zombies. The fear, worry and guilt can be controlled by faith. Making the most of today will help us with the past, present and future concepts.

There will be trouble today. You’ll need faith, prayer, and patience to get through this day. The trouble you encounter can be opportunities to let your light shine. The trouble you face today can make you stronger. The trouble will demonstrate what’s really inside of you.

There’s going to be trouble. It may be at work. It may be at home. It may be in the congregation. It may be in the nation. It may be just within me. The day can end with me being frustrated, angry, upset and bothered. Or, trouble and all, it can end with prayer to God for getting me through this day. Another day off the list and just one more day closer to Heaven.

Each day. This day. Be sure and take your faith with you today. You’re going to need it.


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