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Jump Start # 2442

Jump Start # 2442

Psalms 73:1 “Surely God is good to Israel, to those who are pure in heart!”

I guess it’s just a part of our nature. More than that, I suspect that it has something to do with the spiritual environment that one is surrounded with. But, have you noticed how people tend to see what’s wrong more than what’s right? They tend to complain more than they praise and compliment. They tend see the bad more than they see the good.

Our verse today, much like a hymn we sing, “God is so good,” sets before us that God is good. He is good all the time. He is good to you and He is good to me. He treats us better than we deserve. Indeed, we are a blessed people. Struggles in life, bad choices that we make, the sin of others do not erase the goodness of God. He is good. He remains good. He will always be good. God is good even when I do not realize it or acknowledge it. God is good even when I may not be happy at the moment. God was good when Job stood at the fresh graves of his children. God was good when he told Abraham to leave the home and city he lived in. God was good when He closed the door to the ark. And, God was good when the nails went into the hands of His Son, Jesus.

We have a funny definition of “good.” For us, good has to be something that I like, makes me happy and is something that I want to do. Using that definition, surgery is not good. It’s not good because it hurts and it disrupts my schedule and I have to do things that I don’t want to do. Yet, if that surgery removes cancer or gives me better movement, that is good, even though it came with pain. Getting pulled over by the police for speeding may not seem good to us. Now we have a ticket to pay for. I’m embarrassed because people saw me pulled over. However, reminding me to slow down may have saved me from having an accident or even killing myself or someone else. Rebuke and criticism certainly doesn’t seem good to us. Many lash back if they are criticized. However, if I listen and if I make changes, the criticisms will make me a better person.

God is good. Here’s a quick reminder list:

  1. He gave us today. This is a gift.
  2. He always hears us. There may be times when we forget to talk to Him. But He’s always there for us.
  3. He has put great people in our lives to help us. They may be family. They may be the church. They may be brethren in other places. Quality people who encourage, strengthen and remind.
  4. He blesses us all the time. Sunshine and rain, food, health, time, His word, grandchildren, colors, tastes, smells, sounds, hope, friendships, insights, His patience. Great blessings.
  5. He is always trying to help us do what is good and right. He puts reminders before us all the time. He helps us through worship. He helps us through a working conscience. He helps us through the voice of wise brethren.
  6. He forgives. He is quick to forgive. He is willing to forgive. He doesn’t have to forgive. He doesn’t owe us forgiveness. He wants to forgive us. He does so, because He loves us.
  7. He remains on the throne and He continues to rule the universe. In these tense times of political unrest, uncertainty about the future, one thing remains, He is God. He never steps down. He never retires. He never quits. You can always count on God. You know that He is always there. He always will be.

God is good. And sticking with God and following God tends to make us become good. Goodness begins on the inside and has a way of working it’s way out. Opportunities arise all the time to do good deeds. Good words. Good attitudes. Good hearts. All of these follow one who is connected to a good God.

God is so good! He’s good to me!


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