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Jump Start #3113

Jump Start # 3113

1 Kings 10:8 “How happy are your men. How happy are these servants of yours, who always stand in your presence hearing your wisdom.”

  Our verse today are the exuberant compliments from the queen of Sheba. She came to see Solomon. She had heard things. She seems to be reluctant and some what doubting to all the claims she had heard. Being a queen, she knows palaces, wealth, and power. She came to see for herself. She came to test Solomon’s wisdom. She thought it was all smoke and she’d be able to knock down his house of cards. The queen came. She came with a large entourage. She came with lots of expensive gifts. She gave Solomon 4.5 tons of gold. Solomon passed the test. He answered all her riddles and all her questions. She had never seen such wisdom and wealth.

  Our verse, from the CSB version, states that Solomon’s servants were happy. A majority of the translations, from KJV, ESV, CEB, NIV all use the expression, “Happy.” Happy servants. Now, that’s a thought! Many serve, because they have to. Some may stand and even hear the wisdom, but are none the better for it. The Queen thought how rich, blessed and happy are these servants to stand and hear such words all day long.

  Some thoughts on Happy Servants:

  First, the duty and the tasks we must do can take away the joy of serving the Lord. It’s one thing to do your job well. It’s one thing to give it your all. But is all of this viewed as toil, hardship or a labor of love. You get to teach a Bible class. How do you say that? “I have to go teach a Bible class,” or, “I get to teach a Bible class”? I have to preach or I get to preach? Duty or honor? Happy servants.

  Second, the expression upon our faces, the sighs and groans we utter, the complaints we proclaim are seen and heard by others. Could that be a reason why some do not want to teach. They do not see happy servants. They see slaves heading to the salt mine for another day of toil. Another sermon to write. Another class to teach. Another article to write. To hear some, it’s like a prisoner counting down the days until he can get out. It’s like a guy in the army who doesn’t want to be in the army. He can’t wait until his time is up so he can get out. That spirit makes a terrible preacher or Bible class teacher. Happy servants.

  Third, when we see who we serve, that ought to bring joy and blessings to us. For Solomon’s servants, they were not mistreated, abused and neglected. Earlier the Queen viewed the servants’ residence, the attire of the cupbearers, things most wouldn’t show a guest. She saw. She marveled. When we realize that we carry God’s holy word into the pulpit or classroom, that word that is so sacred, that changed lives and introduced people to Jesus Christ, what an honor and what a privilege it is to do that. Imagine being one who helped carry the ark of the covenant. What a special opportunity that was. Look beyond the job that you have to do and look at the Lord that you are trying to honor.

  Fourth, happy servants set the tone and the atmosphere surrounding the king. Do we engage in worship with long faces as if we are headed to some serious surgery? The joy of worship is one of wonderful aspects we read in Psalms. I was glad when they said let us go to the house of the Lord, is found in Psalms 122. Happy servants. Happy to lead singing. Happy to preach. Happy to open doors for others. Happy to greet others.

  Imagine as the Queen was walking towards the throne, and she saw servants smiling, in a pleasant mood. She looks to the king and he extends his hand with a smile upon his face. What a warm and welcoming scene that is. Imagine that takes place Sunday in the church house. Smiling, hands extended, joy expressed. Imagine that takes place in Heaven. A crowd around the throne of God, happy and smiling, Our eyes focus upon the throne and there is the Lord, arms extended to us, a big smile on His face. So glad to see us. So happy we made it.

  Happy servants. Happy to serve. Happy to do the work of the King. Happy to stand in the King’s presence. Happy to hear what the King says each day.

  You serve the Lord. You serve the Lord with all your heart. But, are you happy about it? Would the Lord point to you and say, “There is one of my happy servants?”