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Galatians 6:10 “So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.”

  Our verse today presents two great ideas that are linked and joined together. Doing good is the first concept. Peter told Cornelius that Jesus went about doing good. Jesus did. And, so should we. Do good. Do good to all. Do good, especially to fellow believers.

  The other concept linked to doing good is opportunity. Do good while you have the opportunity. What a great thought that is. That needs to be preached. That needs to be understood. That needs to be illustrated at home and taught at home.

  Here’s why this is so valuable:

  First, opportunities do not wait for us. The door of opportunity closes and much too often we missed the chance to do good. We were going to. We wanted to. But, when it fit in with our schedule the opportunity passed. And, some opportunities are gone forever. The opportunity to share the good news about Jesus. The opportunity to help someone financially. The opportunity to encourage someone.

  The apostle encased his words with “while we have opportunity.” The “while” doesn’t stick around and wait for you. The “while” may come when we have so many other things to do.

  Second, some opportunities are disguised as great challenges. We like things quick, easy and convenient. Not all opportunities are like that. Some are complex. Some take time. Some require a whole Saturday. Some may take weeks and weeks to complete. For those impatient, always in a hurry, they will pass on these opportunities because they are too involved.

  Third, some opportunities do not bring immediate results. That shouldn’t stop us from doing good. We may never see the positive good from helping others. That’s ok. It’s not about getting a “thank you” from someone or a pat on our backs. Helping someone out of the ditch of life is worth it. It is because we have been in those ditches ourselves. We know what it is like to have to struggle alone. We also know what it is like to have someone in our corner who will help us and be there for us. Helping someone see Jesus clearly is so worth it. We may not witness their conversion to the Lord. We may not see their hearts turn to goodness. Knowing that we used an opportunity to do what we could is what is important.

  The great reformer Luther was asked what he would do today if he knew he was going to die tomorrow. His response was to plant a tree. A tree which he would never be able to sit in the shade. A tree which he would never eat its fruit. Yet, others would benefit from the effort he extended in planting that tree.

  That little boy in your Bible class, you may never see it, but he may stand before the people of God and preach the words of Jesus some day. That little boy may become a shepherd of God’s people decades from today. While you may never see that, the little seed that you dropped in his heart can make all the difference.

  Fourth, sometimes we miss opportunities because we are not looking for them. If you are waiting for someone to call you up and ask, “Can you bring some food over because mom is sick,” you’ll never get that call. People won’t do that. But in any size congregation, if your eyes are open and your ears listening, you’ll see where a card in the mail will encourage someone. You’ll see where taking someone out to lunch will help. You’ll see so many good things that can be done. Yet, most will miss these. You won’t find these listed in the church bulletin. You won’t find people coming up and asking you. But for those who are looking for opportunities, they see them everyday. They see them everywhere.

  What a blessing it is to be the hands, feet and eyes of our Lord. Let your light shine before men in such a way  that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in Heaven. Those are the Lord’s words. He did more than speak those words, He lived them. Doing good. Good works.

  When you are no longer on this side of life, how will you be remembered? The guy who always complained? The person who never did anything? The person who kept to himself? Or, the guy who did good.

    He went about doing good. Spoken of Jesus. Ought to be spoken of us. It all begins with opportunities. While we have opportunity…