Our Beloved Dave

by Roger Shouse

Dave Merry was called home to his heavenly father Thursday afternoon. Dave was a giant among us and leaves footprints of dedication, goodness and service to the Lord and this congregation. We are what we are today because of the loving care of Dave Merry. Dave served as a shepherd among us for twenty-five years. He loved to teach and his favorite class was Bible geography. Faithful, kind and generous are the words that define our good brother. He and Nancy often housed our summer preachers. They entertained and loved to share. They loved to travel the world, but his heart was always back here in Southern Indiana. A true I.U. fan, Dave’s gentle voice and quick smile had a way of making all of us feel loved and appreciated.

When Dave turned seventy, he stepped down from the eldership. But within just a short time he was back serving, guiding and sharing his experience. As he approached 80, Dave felt that he might be holding the congregation back as we took great leaps in technology and social media. Dave said he believed in what we were doing but he didn’t understand it. He confessed that he had trouble just getting his phone to work. He didn’t want to stand in the way of progress. His humble spirit, which graced all of his days, was so refreshing.

Dave was our resident historian. He could name all the preachers that have worked with this congregation. Dave had a keen understanding of our past and where we ought to be. I have listened to his guidance and seen his love for you in numerous elders meetings. There were many hats that Dave Merry wore throughout his life, but always at the top would be his love for the Lord, for Nancy and his family and for this congregation.

Just last Sunday, Dave was with us for worship. Weak and frail as he was, he came. He truly loved the Lord and this place. Our words of thankfulness to a life well lived and to a sterling example of service is owed by each of us. To think of Charlestown Road is to think of Dave Merry.

To the Lord, we are thankful that we could walk beside such a fine man. Our lives are better because of that. Tributes have come in from across the country from Gospel Preachers who have been encouraged and made better because of Dave and Nancy Merry. We are thankful for God’s grace and forgiveness and the hope that we believe awaits Dave.

To Nancy and your family, we are thankful that you shared Dave with us. We weep with you this day at the passing of a good man. His kind is rare. And, we must wonder, who will fill the shoes that he has left behind?

Thank you, our friend and beloved. We long to see you again in that Heavenly room God has prepared for us.

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