Daily Bible Reading Reflections

Psalm 5: MY King and MY God

Today’s Bible reading is Psalm 5. Its 12 verses are well-worth your time and meditation today. As you read Psalm 5, notice how many points of confidence David has in the LORD.

“My King and my God”:

  • Gives ear to my words (5:1)
  • Considers my groaning (5:1)
  • Gives attention to the sound of my cries (5:2)
  • Receives my prayers (5:2)
  • Hears my voice (5:3)
  • Hates that which is evil (5:4-6)
  • Leads me in his righteousness (5:8)
  • Makes the way straight before me (5:8)
  • Provides refuge for and protection over those who love his name (5:11-12)
  • Blesses the righteous (5:12)

If you woke up this morning feeling as if God is absent, distant, or unconcerned about you, take your time with Psalm 5 and use it as fuel for worship.

Our God is. Our God is personal. Our God hears. Our God cares. Our God works. Our God is the ultimate victor.

These blessings and so much more continue to be available to the man or woman who submissively says with David, “my King and my God.”

Let all who take refuge in you rejoice;
let them ever sing for joy. (Psa 5:11)

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