So, About Those Eclipse Glasses…

…you remember: the ones everyone was clamoring to get their hands on just one week ago. If you had a pair, could I ask you a silly question? What have you done with them since Monday? My guess is you used them for a couple hours on Monday afternoon and you haven’t touched them since, if you even still have them.

Could I ask a more serious follow-up question? What are you going to do with your Bible this week? Too many times, I’ve treated my Bible like a pair of those cheap eclipse glasses; I used it for a couple hours on Sunday, laid it down somewhere, and didn’t pick it up again until the following Sunday. The same could be said about prayer. How many times have I prayed in an assembly of Christians on Sunday … and not prayed again until the following Wednesday, or even the next Sunday?

If you haven’t touched your eclipse glasses since Monday, that’s obviously not a big deal. They were useful for a small amount of time, they served their purpose, and you’re finished with them. God’s word isn’t like that. Prayer isn’t like that. Our heavenly Father doesn’t live in temples made by man (Acts 17:24); let’s not leave him out of our hearts as we leave our assemblies of worship today.

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