Daily Bible Reading Reflections

Step by Step with the One Who Knows How

Today’s Bible reading is Numbers 28 and 2 Peter 2.

“He knows how…”

If my car has broken down, I want someone who knows what they’re doing under the hood.

If I’m flying across the country at 30,000 feet, I want someone who knows what they’re doing in the cockpit.

If my daughter is going into surgery, I want someone who knows what they’re doing in the operating room.

“He knows how.” “She knows what she’s doing.” We find comfort, reassurance, and hope in those words.

With that simple principle in mind, could I encourage you to tuck 2 Peter 2:9 in the pocket of your heart and return to it off and on throughout the day?

…then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials.

He knows how. The godly have trials in front of them this week. You will encounter trials on the trail ahead. For 2,000 years, these God-breathed words of comfort, reassurance, and hope have been preserved for any and all who are willing to be shaped and governed by them. The Lord knows exactly where you are. He knows where he’s going. He knows how to rescue, sustain, and lead his people all the way to glory.

Why, then, would we push ahead, lag behind, or take one careless step without him this week?

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