Daily Bible Reading Reflections

The 3 Most Important Words You’ll Hear All Day

Today’s Bible reading is Psalm 99.

Are you up for an interesting mental exercise?

If you could pick three words–any three words, in any order–what’s the best, most profound, earth-shattering, life-changing, hope-giving message you could possibly come up with?

Just three words, but any three words.

Any ideas?

Here’s a worthy contender…

The LORD reigns.

They are the opening words of Psalm 99–just three words, but what other words could possibly be picked and arranged to form a more profoundly important message?

The LORD reigns. This news is to shape my character, my integrity, my work-ethic, my priorities, and my goals. These words are intended to serve as the foundation of my conduct, my marriage, and my home. This God-breathed message has been preserved as fuel for worship, perspective, prayer, and hope as long as people inhabit this God-given world.

The LORD reigns. Whatever your present circumstances. Despite the darkness that has enveloped so many human hearts. Nations may rage and peoples may plot, but the LORD reigns. Above every boss, CEO, president, or dictator, the LORD reigns. In spite of every sickness, sorrow, and separation, the LORD reigns. Through every trial, temptation, and tribulation, the LORD reigns. He always has. He presently is. He always will.

The LORD reigns–three words worth remembering and repeating to ourselves throughout the day. May we live, act, and react as though we truly believe, the LORD reigns.

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