What Kind of Bible Do You Have?

by Warren Berkley

What kind of Bible do you have? Though the issue of English translations is worthy of serious thought, that isn’t what I’m asking here. What kind of Bible do you have? I thought about this one time and wrote out the following “kinds.”

There are CAR Bibles that are taken out of the car on Sunday (if the owner remembers), but they remain in the car the rest of the week; you can always tell if somebody has a “car Bible,” it has a sun tan!

There are DECORATIVE Bibles that sit on coffee tables or shelves. They are usually in mint condition because they are seldom opened. A child who opens a decorative Bible may be scolded and told to leave it alone.

There are PEW Bibles that may be opened once or twice a week. The only other time they are touched is when the janitor puts them back in the rack. Pew Bibles often find use as back support for the lumbar region.

There are STORAGE Bibles that collect flowers, important papers and genealogical information. Obituaries are often put in them, I suppose for safe keeping; kind-of like a lock box? So there are car Bibles, decorative Bibles, pew Bibles and storage Bibles. What kind of Bible do you have?

Today there are DIGITAL Bibles that open quickly on your phone, iPad or Kindle. You may be able to navigate to the announced passage very quickly. It may include a Bible reading plan. There are advantages. The disadvantage is, there is so much competing material. If connected, Facebook is just a touch away. Candy Crush may pop up and beg your attention. Digital Bibles require very good discipline to stay on the higher task.

I hope you have a USED Bible. There are fingerprints all over it, some loose pages, the spine may not be stiff anymore; there are pen and pencil notations, the cover is worn and soiled by the repeated use of the owner. This kind of Bible is read and studied frequently because of the owner’s hunger and thirst for righteousness. The owner knows, the only way to live every day is to learn, believe and obey the teachings of the Word of God. David said, “Lord, I love your law,” (Psa. 119:163). I hope you have a USED Bible.

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