Jump Starts Daily

Jump Start # 2498

Jump Start # 2498

Mark 16:15 “And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation.”

Our verse today is what we call the great commission. Jesus was sending the apostles into all the world. I expect they were heading to places that they never thought that they would ever visit. They probably went to places that they may not have wanted to go to, but the commission and the words of Salvation were much too important to think about personal preferences.

Preach to all creation. That means on every continent. That means in every nation. That means in every city. That means on every street. That means to every house. That means to every person in every house.

For a long time, how this was accomplished was a few brave preachers would head overseas for a period of time to preach. Folks back home supported and prayed for them. But, today, with technology, more places can be reached on a regular basis than ever before. More people can be reached with fewer dollars than ever before. There may have been a time when “go into all the world” meant the tiny village those poor Christians lived in. But today, the church needs to lift up her eyes and realize the great potential in becoming a global church.

With that being said, I need to tell you about some things that our congregation is doing. Our preachers and elders have got that global bug and we are putting out through technology things every day. And, we are now days away from launching yet another massive step in this direction.

Our website is: www.Charlestownroad.org. If you haven’t looked at it you ought to. Here are some things you’ll find:

  • Quick Quotes: Daily pithy quote. Just a thought to help our attitudes.
  • Jump Starts daily: You know about this. On the Jump Start website (www.jumpstartsdaily.com) one can use the search engines to look up passages or key words. Soon all 25 of our Jump Start books will be listed as PDF files for you to download for free.
  • Daily Bible Reading: not only do we list the passages for the day, but we have a few comments to help us with our reading.
  • Friday Fives: every Friday at noon we post on our Facebook page and website five bullet points about a subject. These are easy to read and easy to share.
  • Livestream and achieved sermons: these can be watched or listened to.

Launching next week will be “Heaven Bound,” our new weekly podcast. You can subscribe to this for free. It will be listed as “Heaven Bound.”

On Mondays the podcast will feature “Jump Start Rewind.” I will read a Jump Start from the past. It is a way to listen to some of the Jump Starts.

On Wednesdays the podcast will feature “This week at Charlestown Rd.” We will look back to the past week’s sermon or classes and pull out a few thoughts and then look ahead to what is coming the next Sunday.

On Fridays the podcast will feature “Heaven Bound” a 15-20 minute discussion with myself and fellow preacher, Jason Hardin. We have a variety of topics that we will explore and will host a few guests speakers now and then.

This congregation continues to keep rolling out more and more ideas. All of these are just bridges to connect us to the Lord. They are tools of encouragement. They keep us busy, very busy. No one makes us do this other than the deep drive within our hearts to do all that we can do. Our Jump Starts are being read by thousands worldwide. Our livestreaming is being viewed by hundreds every week. The volume of people being reached, helped and changed is unbelievable. For this to happen, it takes a network of help and a congregation that has a love and heart as big as the world. Our shepherds back what we are doing 110%. We have a team of folks that understand media and all the background knowledge to do these things. Then we have a powerful congregation that supports all of these tools financially. As a proud parent that likes to brag on his children, I like to brag about this church. I feel it is one of the best in this generation. Are we perfect? No. Can we do more? Certainly, and we are trying.

If you are ever in our area, drop by. Let us show you around and share with you what we are doing. It’s impressive. Send your preacher or elders over to spend a day with us. Let us share ideas with you.

You can help by sharing the things you like with others. Subscribe to our podcast and share that with others.

We truly believe that we are the eyes, feet and hands of Jesus today. What a wonderful time to be living. There are so many wonderful tools to spread the Gospel.

Heaven Bound—that’s the new podcast. You can find it on our website, Facebook page or where you get your other podcasts.

Go into all the world…let’s get going!